Baseus FMTZ-0G Thermal Series Memory Foam U-Shaped Neck Pillow

    ৳ 1,650

    Uniform heat dissipation for comfortable relaxation, relieves neck fatigue
    Complimentary steam heating patch, ready to use when placed into the U-shaped neck pillow
    Highly elastic memory foam, comfortable to support, never press ears when lean on side
    Compact and portable, easy to carry on any trip.

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    BASEUS Thermal Series Memory Foam U-shaped Neck Pillow [With 2 Packs of Hot Compress Patches for Replacement]

    Relieve Fatigue Throughout the Day in 30 minutes

    Hot compresses dissipate heat at a constant
    temperature, soothing neck meridians, and
    relieving fatigue throughout the day. The steam patch sheet can be heated for 20 30 minutes.

    “Zero” Pressure for Waking up Without Pain

    Support shoulder and neck around 360° without squeezing cheeks/ears.

    Hold Your Neck and Comfortable to Lean to One Side

    The sides are slightly heightened to support cheeks properly.

    Release Pressure on Travel, Serve You Day and Night

    Use it home and carry it on the high speed rail and on the plane.

    Take a Good Nap with a Good Pillow

    No matter how busy you are, you still need to have a rest on it for a while.

    Slow Rebound Pressure Relief

    High-density space memory cotton is soft and comfortable without deformation.

    Breathable and not Sultry

    Breathable and silky fabric, skin-friendly and non- allergic. helpful for steam circulation of the heating patches.


    Brand: Baseus
    Material: Memory foam + Lycra fabric
    Weight: 340g
    Package included:

    1 x BASEUS Thermal Series Memory Foam U-shaped Neck Pillow

    Additional information

    Weight0.200 kg


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